Jess Lombardi Photography | Newborn Sessions

Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle, in your home sessions: I will capture the relationship between the new baby and his/her parents, siblings and pets in the comfort of your home. In addition to candid photos, I will take traditional posed shots of the parents together and separately with the baby. I will take close-ups of the baby and a couple pictures of the baby on the bed/blanket and bring one bucket or basket prop with a wrap and bonnet or headband. I am happy to incorporate any ideas you might have in your home! To make the session as seamless as possible, it is important to try to clear the clutter before the session, stay relaxed, keep your home extra warm, and keep the baby’s belly full before I come. It is best to take photos in a room that has the best natural light from windows or doors. If the home is dimly lit we can still take nice photos but the images will be softer and more grainy which is natural for any images taken in low light.  Since the majority of the photos are of you all interacting with the baby, holding the baby, and the baby in his/her nursery we can do these lifestyle sessions up to they are a month old! 


Studio, in my home studio sessions: My main focus will be to get posed beanbag/blanket shots of the baby and posed portraits of the parents together and individually with the baby. Siblings are also allowed to join in for some photos as well! Capturing these beautiful moments cannot be rushed, so it’s important to remember that each pose may take some time and we will comfort the baby and feed the baby when needed until we move onto the next pose. 

See the newborn checklist to know how to make this session go as seamlessly as possible. 


Sessions should be scheduled a few months in advance. If you schedule within the month and I do not have availability for a traditional 3-hour session, please contact me about a shortened {lifestyle only} session that I may be able to fit into my schedule!

  • Please let me know within 2 days of the baby’s birth so we can schedule the session within 5-10 days of birth (the earlier, the better).
  • If we do the session at your home, please make sure you have an area with a lot of natural light from windows or doors that way we get nice light for the photos. Some photos indoors may have some grain which is normal to any photo taken indoors with natural light. Please make sure the home is clean in the areas we will be taking photos as it will be the backdrop for our images.
  • Session fee includes session time, all digital images with print release, portraits with parents (together and individually posed and/lifestyle), siblings, and pets.

Please e-mail me at to schedule your session. You can copy, paste and fill this out so I have all of your info:

Due Date:          Will session be held at your home or photographers home?        Names of who will be in the photos:              Are there pets in your home and would you like to include your pets in the session?            

Since it is pretty much impossible to know exactly when the little one will be born, at this point the best we can do is have a tentative date, based on your "due date". However, once your little baby is born, make sure to email or text me (301-661-6443) so we can firm up the session date and make a definite date that will work for us both! Babies are often best photographed between 5-10 days of birth. Please contact me within 2 days of birth to ensure we get the best time and date scheduled.


Session Length, Poses, & Props

There is no telling how long the session will take. I usually try to keep it under 3 hours but sometimes we get lucky with a sleepy baby and it may only take 2 hours. I only book one newborn session/day and never double up. Please don’t feel the need to apologize if the session is on the long side; it’s totally ok, all babies and sessions are different. As far as poses/inspiration images go, I cannot guarantee that we will get any specific images but I will surely do my best to get the images that are of most importance to you and your family. If baby allows, I will start with your priority shots (family, baby in a wrap, baby on tummy, etc) and then fill in the gaps. We typically get between 2-5 different setups. I will have a variety of blankets, wraps, hats, & headbands for the entire session but if you have something you'd like to use, please feel free to let me know ahead of time! I love using family heirlooms and homemade blankets to personalize our session. 


Session Checklist

  • Dress baby in an outfit easy to get on and off the morning of our session with just a diaper. This way it will be easier to get some photos without waking him/her.
  • In the 12 hours leading up to our session feed the baby as much as possible.
  • 45 minutes before our scheduled start time have your house be warm, around 75-80 degrees (This will allow baby to be comfortable naked). If the house is colder than it should be upon arrival I cannot guarantee any posed blanket shots, but we can certainly still get candids with the baby awake on the blanket as well as all of the lifestyle photos. 
  • If possible, try to start feeding the baby close to when I will arrive.  I know that babies don’t eat on a schedule yet at this age, but if it works out that they can eat right before we start, it makes for an easier/quicker posed photo session. 
  • I may ask for parents help to spot your baby with some of the poses, Your help is more for safety so that if I have to adjust the baby or a blanket the baby will be watched at all times. When the baby cries it will be your instinct to pick the baby up, please do not do so unless I ask (which I know will be difficult). The baby is safe and I will ensure the baby falls back asleep with your help, soothing the baby, rubbing the babies back, keeping the baby warm, using a pacifier, etc. (Please make sure you have a few pacifiers available during the shoot). 
  • If siblings are included, prep them for the photo session but do not stress if they are not cooperative. They are kids after all! It's usually fairly easy to incorporate them candidly. Since my studio is small, if you have young children you are welcome to bring your children over for just the beginning and take them home or you can stay and they can watch in the studio or play in my upstairs playroom.
  • Parents, you will be in these shots so please make sure you are groomed, dressed and ready upon my arrival for your pictures to be taken. I recommend whites, grey, and neutrals for posed family shots and in lifestyle shots you may wear whatever you are comfortable in - so please have all outfits ready to be throw on - and extras in case you get peed or pooped on, which happens 99% of the time - so please don't worry if it does :)!

Do you have any questions? As always, I am just a quick email or phone call away. If this is your first time contacting me, please do so via e-mail so I have all of your details first. I look forward to capturing this special time in your families life and congratulations!!