Welcome to Jess Lombardi Photography! I  hope you enjoy my photos! I am a fun, outgoing, loving, passionate, creative, happy go lucky girl. I love taking photos, snowboarding, paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking, pretty much anything interesting I'm all over it! I'm a french bulldog lover and Mommy to son Ashton.


 I started my photography company for the love of photography, taking photographs, editing and connecting with people. I am blessed that my Mom took photos of EVERYTHING as my two sisters and I were growing up! I have a terrible memory but whenever I see a photo, it somehow brings me back to that moment, and for that, I will always cherish photography and what it does for me and other people.


A little about how I got into photography...after I got my first Polaroid camera when I was 8 years old, my twin sister and I decided to open up a photography studio in our basement. We went around to all the neighbors, knocked on their door, and invited them to come to our photography studio for a photo shoot. We charged everyone who came $1.00 per photo. We had backdrops, props, make-up, and costumes. When my Mom found out, she made us return all of the money! But as it turned out, that became the first time I profited from photography, because a Mother of two of the children came back and begged my Mom to let us take photos of her children. Now I have a studio of my own that my own Mom and Dad built! 


I moved on from there to film and SLR cameras when I was in middle school throughout high school and progressed to digital cameras in college, taking classes throughout the years. I was one of those people who ALWAYS had their camera waiting for the perfect shot! After getting an iPhone I noticed I stopped using my "good camera" and really lost a big part of myself. I used to live for learning how to take a certain picture and going back to edit on Photoshop...I missed being creative!! I am so happy to be fully back into photography and I can't wait to see what's to come!